Beech Lumber 26mm

Beech Lumber 26mm

Beech lumber 26mm. If you are in need of Beech lumber and interested in beech lumber price, please contact us for more information: 0911 335 995.

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  • Kiln dried Beech lumber is imported from European countries in many dimensions and grades. Beech lumber 26mm in thickness is the most common dimension.

    - Dimensions of kiln dried Beech lumber:

    + Thickness: 26 (23.8)mm; 32 (29.5)mm; 38 (36)mm; 52 (48.5)mm,; 60mm; 70mm.

    + Width: From 100mm.

    + Length: 2m; 2.25m; 2.45m; 2.75m; 3.05m; 4.15 (3.85m)

    - Packaging of kiln dried Beech lumber:

    + Short bundle: 4 → 6 feet

    + Long bundle: 10 → 16 feet

    European Beech lumber is imported in intact packing.