Alder Lumber 5/4

Alder Lumber 5/4"

South Lumber Co., LTD imports and distributes American and European kiln dried lumber imported in large quantities. If you are looking for the most prestigious provider in domestic market, please contact us for the best price: 0911 335 995.

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  • - Dimensions of kiln dried Alder lumber:

    + Thickness: 5/4" = 31.8mm

    + Width: from 70mm to 300mm

    + Length: from 4 feet (1.2m) to 16 feet (4.8m)

    - Packaging of kiln dried Alder lumber:

    + Short bundle: 4 → 6 feet

    + Long bundle: 10 → 16feet

    - Grades: 1Com; 2Com; 3Com (graded to the rules of NHLA - National Hardwood Lumber Association).

    Kiln dried Alder lumber is imported in intact packing.
    The heartwood of Alder is not resistant to decay, easy to be attacked by normal insects but takes protective coats easily. Alder lumber is used for kitchen cabinets, doors, interior trim, etc.
    A dining room with imported kiln dried Alder lumber.
    Kiln dried Alder lumber is processed at America with many dimensions and grades. If you are looking for kiln dried Alder lumber, please contact us: 0911 335 995.