Ash Lumber 4/4''

Ash Lumber 4/4''

Ash lumber is imported from America with a pale to nearly white color. The heartwood color varies from greyish brown to light brown or light yellow.

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  • Ash wood usually has straight grains and a uniform texture. Ash wood is not heavy, but durable, tough, hard and strong.

    Ash lumber works well with machines, glues, nails and screws well. Ash lumber also stains and sands easily. It dries quite easily and has a good dimensional stability when dried.

    Dimensions of kiln dried Ash lumber:

    • Thickness: Ash lumber 4/4" = 25.4 mm 
    • Width: from 70mm to 300mm
    • Length: from 4 feet (1.2m) to 16 feet (4.8m)
    Kiln dried Ash lumber is imported in intact packing.
    Ash lumber is used to manufacture furniture, doors, cabinets, interior trim, sport items and parts of tools.
    Flooring made of imported kiln dried Ash lumber.
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