Poplar Lumber 5/4

Poplar Lumber 5/4"

Poplar lumber 8/4'' of South Lumber Co., LTD is imported from America and European countries in standard dimensions. Please contact us for the best price. Contact number: 0911 335 995.

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  • Poplar wood has a white sapwood, sometimes with brown streaks. The heartwood color varies from light greyish brown to light brown. Poplar has a coarse texture, quite straight grains and relatively few defects.

    Kiln dried Poplar lumber has the moisture content of 8 - 12°C.

    - Dimensions of kiln dried Poplar lumber:

    + Thickness: 5/4" = 31.8mm

    + Width: from 70mm to 300mm

    + Length: from 4 feet (1.2m) to 16 feet (4.8m)

    - Packaging of kiln dried Poplar lumber:

    + Short bundle: 4 → 6 feet

    + Long bundle: 10 → 16feet

    Kiln dried Poplar lumber is imported in intact packing.
    Poplar lumber is used for furniture, interior trim, carving, toys and kitchen utensils. Its special usage in America is for making woodblinds and hatch.
    Kitchen cabinet made of Poplar lumber.