Ash Lumber 3/4''

Ash Lumber 3/4''

Ash wood has a ligh brown sapwood and a brown or grayish brown heartwood. Ash wood usually has straight grains and an coarse texture.

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  • Kiln dried Ash lumber usually has the moisture content of 8 - 12° C.

    Dimensions of kiln dried Ash lumber:

    • Thickness: 3/4" =19 mm (Ash lumber 3/4)
    • Width: from 70mm to 300mm.
    • Lenghth: from 4 feet (1.2m) to 16 feet ( 4.8m).

    Grades: 1Com, 2Com, 3Com (graded to the rules of NHLA - National Hardwood Lumber Association).


    Kiln dried Ash lumber is imported from America and European countries
    Ash lumber 3/4'' imported from America and European countries is usually used for furniture, flooring, doors, architectural materials, cabinet, panel, handles, sport items, turnery, etc.